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Knowing we're here to explore social and cultural dimensions rather than contentious political issues, the Iranian government is allowing our work.

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Visiting Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, and a small village, viewers will get a rare present-day look at some of civilization's most important historical sites, and a sense of Iran's 21st-century culture.

From architecture and art to faith and everyday living, "Rick Steves' Iran" offers a rare, candid, and humanizing look at a powerful and perplexing nation. "Rick Steves' Iran" is a travel special that explores the historical sites, major cities, small villages, and modern-day people and culture of this country.

Rick Steves' Iran: Yesterday and Today [25 words] As he's done with previous programs on Israel, Egypt, and Eastern Turkey, Rick takes us beyond Europe to a place that's rich with history..mystery.

Rick Steves' Iran: Yesterday and Today [74 words] Join Rick as he explores the most surprising and fascinating land he's ever visited: Iran.

Tehran, a youthful, noisy capital city, is the modern heart of this country. With a teeming population of about ten million, its apartment blocks stretch far into the surrounding mountains. Many major streets actually intersect without the help of traffic lights. Locals say it's like "going to Chechnya." Immersed in the commotion of a busy work day — apart from the chador-covered women and lack of Western fast food chains — Tehran seemed much like any city in the developing world.

If you need to get somewhere in a hurry — or if your motorcycle taxi is under some big bus — thank goodness for the subway.We're in Iran — here to learn, to understand, and to make some friends. Like most Americans, I know almost nothing about Iran. We'll show the splendid monuments of Iran's rich and glorious past, discuss the 20th century story of this perplexing nation, and experience Iranian life today in its giant metropolis, historic capital, and a countryside village.["Salaam."] Most important, we'll meet and talk with the people whose government so exasperates America.Jesus is always in my heart and I pray to Him daily and Jesus should be in every I'm just a simple Christian woman who loves the Lord, animals and simple, drama-free living.I enjoy meeting new people, taking a drive and just exploring, hanging out, cooking, having get togethers, watching movies, etc. The Lord says if you love Him, to keep his commandments.["…situation is open."] We'll go to Friday prayers in a leading mosque, consider the challenges confronting Iran's youth, enjoy the hospitality of a family dinner and survive the crazy Tehran traffic before experiencing the tranquility of rural life and meeting joyful school kids on a field trip.

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