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However, its sponsor, Admiral, an appliance company, could not keep up with the demand for its new television sets, so the show was cancelled after 26 weeks—ironically, on account of its runaway success.

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In early 1949, Caesar and Liebman met with Pat Weaver, vice president of television at NBC, which led to Caesar's first series, Admiral Broadway Revue with Imogene Coca.

The Friday show was simultaneously broadcast on NBC and the Du Mont network, and was an immediate success.

He turned down the lead of The Jolson Story as he did not want to be known as an impersonator, and turned down several other offers to play sidekick roles.

He soon returned to New York, where he became the opening act for Joe E. He reunited with Liebman, who guided his stage material and presentation.

Isaac Sidney "Sid" Caesar (September 8, 1922 – February 12, 2014) was an American comic actor and writer, best known for two pioneering 1950s live television series: Your Show of Shows, which was a 90-minute weekly show watched by 60 million people, and its successor, Caesar's Hour, both of which influenced later generations of comedians.

Your Show of Shows and its cast received seven Emmy nominations between the years 19 and tallied two wins.

He also relied more on body language, accents, and facial contortions than simply dialogue.

Unlike the slapstick comedy which was standard on TV, his style was considered "avant garde" in the 1950s.

That job led to a contract with the William Morris Agency and a nationwide tour.

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