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Once you turn automatic updates on or off i OS, all/ no apps will update to the latest available version without your permission. What are your thoughts on automatic updates on i OS? An i OS update could require between 1GB and 2GB of free space on your phone.

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As smartphone owners, we live in the age of apps where there’s truly an app for any scenario you can think of.

That also means most of us have more apps we can keep track of.

There are reports of this update causing problems, but Apple's fixed the bug, it says.

Still, it's important to back up everything just before you make any big changes.

Not only do i OS updates add new features and fix bugs, but they also incorporate security fixes that protect you from threats you may not even know about.

Apple regularly releases updates to i OS, and you can apply these updates directly on your i OS device through the Settings app (this is called an over-the-air update) or via i Tunes.

To ensure that you get the most from the apps installed on your i OS device, you need to update them.

Some apps compel you to update to the latest version by preventing you from using them until they are updated.

You battery must be at least 60 percent charged or connected to a charger at the time of update.


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