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Now, fans of the noughties TV series are dragging Cosgrove, 24, into the feud.

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The Drake & Josh stars had a very public falling out after Josh didn’t invite his fictional brother to his wedding but now it seems they’re back on track, with Drake revealing that the pair are ‘closer than we’ve been in a while’ and that ‘it’s all love’ now. We’re brothers, man’., The drama all kicked off when Drake sub-tweeted in June 2017 : ‘When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear.’ A second tweet read: ‘True colors have come out today. Drake said: ‘It was cool because I had called him and we were talking about meeting up.

The noughties comedy star told US Weekly: ‘It’s interesting, we’re actually closer than we’ve been in a while…

Jesse Williams and estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee have agreed on sharing joint-custody of their two children.

Interestingly, the agreement forbids the kids from meeting either's 'romantic' partners others 'until the relationship has endured at least 6 months,' according to TMZ.

According to explosive court documents, Williams accused his estranged wife of repeatedly slamming the front door on his leg while yelling at him in front of their two young children.

He claims Drake-Lee has stopped him from spending time with the kids, rarely answers the phone when he tries to Face Time them and bars him from making any decisions regarding their lives, according to legal papers.

It's thought that the curious clause could be directed at the Grey's Anatomy star's rumored romantic interest Minka Kelly, who has been linked to the star since early summer. The contract specifically forbids both parents to 'introduce a person with whom he or she has a romantic relationship' to their kids.

It's very possible the clause could be directed at the Grey's Anatomy star's new flame Minka Kelly (above in July)The contract also states that 'neither parent can make derogatory remarks about the other in front of the children.'The five-years married couple share son Maceo, nearly two, and daughter Sadie, three.

I'm sure she is thankful that she has gotten to know both Josh and Drake.


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