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Millennium BIM serves more that 1.2mln customers through a significant branch network covering the country.

On-lending to private sector Small and Medium Sized enterprises in Mozambique.

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Juliana Mwemedi, 45, has had eight children, but Luisa, Esperanza, and Vinisto did not survive.

They died from diarrhoea before they were three years old.

The exception is applicable for the holders of the single entry visa.

The extension of stay of holders of single visa could be done two times at Migration Services.

FMO funds this project to provide long-term USD funding which is very scarce in Mozambique in order to ultimately support private sector development in a Low Income Country.

The economy here has been too weak to sustain public services like clean water and toilets. The Government is exploring the potential for trading the country's natural resources.

And the Government needs support to make its commitments and plans a reality.

We help the poorest people across Mozambique to understand and claim their rights to services.

Please note that the Visa On Line is not available and an application visa by e-mail or fax is not acceptable.

The entry/exit borders mentioned in the application form are referred only to the Mozambican borders.

Our office is located at the following address: Av.

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