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Today, she specializes in emerging technology, including cybersecurity and virtual reality.​If you’re like me, and you use your kids as free tech support whenever you need to configure your wireless router or your TV to play funny cat videos, then it’s tempting to let the kids take care of their own online security as well. While your kids might be experts at the technology, they’re not experts at evaluating risk.

You already know that, unless guided, it’s easy to manipulate children into smoking, drinking, speeding, bullying, and, of course, jumping off cliffs because all their friends are doing it. Everything from expensive ransomware infections, identity theft, loss of friendships to putting your child’s life at risk.

There are some excellent free products available from trustworthy brands..

If you share a device with your children consider setting up a separate account or accounts.

If your children share messages, pictures or videos on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, they might not be aware of who can see their posts.

Most apps do have privacy settings though that let your children control who they let into their lives.

It also allows you to set up customized security and privacy settings for each child.

On Windows computers, you can set up a new user account for you children.

Download any of these to share with your students and their parents, or watch the presentation for parents and communities online now.

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Launch the Settings app and go to General Restrictions and tap on “Enable Restrictions.”Don’t forget that your gaming console is also an Internet device these days.

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