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My voice shakes as I read some personal writing aloud, to be critiqued by fellow participants, and one morning all 12 of us cry as we present love letters to family members past and present carved on leaves, clocks, apples and stones.

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My afternoons are spent mainly on the beach with a few others.

As the heat of the day segues into early evening, we close our books and order cold beers from the beach barista. We chat over a breakfast of porridge and feta on toast in the Skyros Centre, or afterwards while scraping dishes in the bins marked ‘general’ or ‘goat.

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“Everybody who comes back from a holiday [in the Skyros Centre] recommends others to go,” wrote Maeve Binchy, almost 30 years before, and the most commonly-used description in online reviews is ‘life-changing’.

Hailed as ‘the best alternative holiday’, their ethos is one of personal growth and development.On this virtually crime-free island, we feel safe leaving money belts full of euro notes in our suitcases.The hosts organise a variety of afternoon trips, including drinking from the Fountain of Youth at the Springs of Nyphi, admiring artist Manos Faltaits’s paintings in the local museum, eating figs near Mourieres in a restaurant roofed by a mulberry tree, and reading the poetry carved on the grave of World War English 1 poet, Rupert Brooke, who died from a mosquito bite in a ship off the coast of Skyros.My worry that fellow participants would be much older is unfounded. There are lawyers, academics, teachers, photographers, psychoanalysts, psychologists, a yoga teacher, a theatre company director, an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a former glossy magazine editor.They are married, divorced, widowed, in love and successfully single.I had searched for a writing holiday in the sun, and a week in the Writer’s Lab on Skyros Island sounded perfect.

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