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“I fell in love with Laura immediately,” she explains.

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Emily Jane Browning is an eighteen year old actress.

She was born on December 7th 1988 in Victoria, Australia.

“I’m such a socially inept person in general that I’m like, Needless to say, with the series’ premiere last night—and a substantial pre-existing fan base by virtue of Gaiman’s award-winning novel of the same name about a clutch of Old Gods pulled from ancient mythology who confront New American Gods who represent some of the more complicated aspects of our modern society like Media and the stock market—Browning’s fear may soon become a reality.

It’s a gamble the 28-year-old actress says she is willing to take in support of the series and her character, the enigmatic and pivotal Laura Moon, for whom Browning developed a profound appreciation.

I really don’t understand how every year there is one person from each category who is the best person at the art that they do”—but equally, if not more so, Browning’s uneasiness stems from a lingering and very real apprehension towards the ostensibly public nature of fame itself.

“I have a feeling that if this show is big, it won’t be long before there are stories about me being an asshole because I wouldn’t take a photo with someone—but it is so often because it makes me panic and I don’t know how to respond,” she says.He was in show busness, and realized the talent this girl had. She landed the part, and became Opal Richie in the movie Echo of Thunder.From there, she played roles in a few TV shows including Something in the Air, Blue Heelers and Blonde.“We’ve been having this discussion about strong, female characters and I think that a lot of people misinterpret that to mean girls who kick ass and independent women who don’t need a man, but really the strength is about characters being written in a complex and interesting way,” Browning says.“That’s what I mean when I say I want to play strong characters, I mean characters that are written well and fleshed out well.“I’m not the kind of person that wants to work nonstop—I want something special,” she says.


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