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select 'ALTER DATABASE [' name '] SET QUERY_STORE = ON ALTER DATABASE [' name '] SET AUTOMATIC_TUNING ( FORCE_LAST_GOOD_PLAN = ON )'from sys.databases where name not in ('master','model','msdb','t... As more marketing teams and IT teams start to cross paths more often, one areas they both could use some collaborative education is performance analytics.In this episode of Marketer-to-Marketer, Ardath ...

We've just found out that a recent security update to the .

Net framework in January 2018 for Windows 7 SP1 has been causing crashes in DAX Studio when accessing the File menu.

Microsoft has decided to separate the queue/topic send/receive functionality from the queue/topic management functionality.

Some of these separations make sense, while others, like the inability to auto-provision ... I like the descriptive nature, and find the swagger UI to be a great place for quick testing and discovery.

The major change in this version is to the tracing engine.

We’ve introduced a new trace type and made some changes to the way the tracing windows operate and incorporated some enhancements to crash reporting ...Unfortunately this issue is outside of our control and affects any WPF based windows app which references the Windows Font collection (which DAX Studio does in the Options window)If this issue is affecting you the following link outlines the cause of the issue and some possible fixes typically manifests as a fatal DAX Studio crash with a Crash Reporter dialog which ...In last days I am trying to make it responsive but it doesn’t perform so well. -- start with this: SELECT AS Database File Name, dbfile.size/128 AS File Size In MB, sys AS File Group Name, dbfile.physical_name AS Database File Path FROM sys.database_files AS dbfile INNER ...In all financial systems, Dynamics GP included, from time-to-time batches will get stuck during posting.The swagger UI works great out of the box for unsecured ...


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  2. (citation address outdated) Throughout the film, Hook is supported by Mr. After promising Tinker Bell not to lay a finger (or a hook) on Peter Pan, he plants a bomb in Peter's hideout (instead of Barrie's vial of poison).

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