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Serbian families, the country of Serbia, the culture... I'm not sorry I did it, and I hope you won't be either.2) Some Serb-American marriages are great successes.

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That said, I do know foreign women who have run great businesses with their husbands in Serbia.8) If you live outside Serbia, be prepared for long-term guests. And it may be tough if you ever had a yearning to go to other places in the world on vacation... 10) Don' promise to learn to speak Serbian if you live outside the Balkans.

When relatives visit from Serbia, they often expect to stay in your home with you for weeks or even months. Think you got out of living with his parents when you moved away? I thoroughly enjoyed this, but some women would not.9) Your vacations will be probably spent in the Balkans. Unless you are a language genius or perhaps grew up speaking another Slavic language, learning Serbian will be harder than you expected.

You really do need to live there for the lessons to sink in and your knowledge to stick.

That doesn't mean your husband will only speak English in your household (although your children unfortunately may, even if he wishes they would use his language).

You'll probably either wind up doing volunteer work (lots of opportunities with needy organizations) or starting your own business.

If you do start your own business, don't start it (at least at first) with your fiance or husband.You never know if or when you'll want to move home (what if you are widowed?) so think ahead about how to establish retirement in both countries.Who’d have known this would be such a popular topic?!Obviously, being Serbian doesn’t define someone’s personality any more than being American defines my personality.I know I said I wasn't going to post again, but since my farewell post, have been deluged with letters from women around the world agonizing over whether they should marry their Serbian boyfriend.


  1. Please hear my heart as a pastor even if you determine before God that he has desires for you that are not in keeping with what I say.

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