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If you would like to complete this Reiki 2nd Degree workshop but have not done 1st Degree through me you likely need to renew your 1st Degree, please contact me to discuss.

“It can be applied by touching the body directly or by holding the hands over the body in your auric field.” I nod intently. ” she asks (Reiki addresses physical ailments as the product of spiritual blockages.

Solve the emotional blockage and you’ll supposedly solve the ailment). Evidently, all of my ailments are of the emotional variety.

Sure, the city life has opened up incredible doors for my career, but it has also gifted me hard lessons and heartbreaks, something a lot of girls who go it alone in the big smoke will likely attest to. After mentioning my lackluster energy levels to a friend (or, you know, ten) one of them recounted a recent Reiki session that had put her through the emotional ringer; she spent most of the session sobbing whenever this woman’s hands were placed on her.

I felt compelled to book an appointment straight away.

He would then come across vulnerable people and “used his relative power over these women to satisfy his sexual desires." One woman met him in 2009 at a church where he took a healing class and she later confided in him that she was suffering bad dreams.

Ireland went on to tell her that she was "carrying demons" and that he would rid them by using a controversial method of blowing on her mouth and stomach.

At Wellness in Harmony, we provide holistic healing arts services to help you relieve stress and anxiety, decrease pain, improve your relationships, and support you in living more fully and joyfully from the heart.

Wellness in Harmony offers individual, couples and group personal development and holistic wellness services through coaching, workshops, Reiki, Acupressure, Chakra Clearing and other holistic healing practices.

Ireland, from Stockport, consistently denied he had done anything wrong until the day of his scheduled trial at Manchester Minshull Street Crown in January when he pleaded guilty to 25 counts of various sexual offences committed over a 25-year-period.

Sentencing him, the judge said: "Because of your reputation that you had built up in this particular field, people trusted you. "Your relationship with those women was very much akin to that of a relationship between that of a doctor and a patient which entails an enormous amount of trust..sadly you abused that trust." Darren Preston, prosecuting, told the court that for a number of years Ireland acted as a medium and “healed people” at spiritualist churches across Cheshire and Greater Manchester, psychic centres and his home - charging £15 a session.

Integrated Energy Healing sessions provide you with a comprehensive healing experience through blending these modalities to provide multi-level healing.


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