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Seems like the chances of a Tiger Woods celeb sex tape existing are pretty good.

No doubt if he keeps going through women at the rate he is now, there will be a Tiger Woods celebrity sex tape sometime in the future. This is a list of Tiger Woods' mistresses and a list of Tiger Woods' girlfriends.

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The loves, exes and relationships of Tiger Woods, listed by most recent.

With all the scandal surrounding Woods' relationships, it's quite surprising he hasn't found himself on the list of celebrity sex tapes yet.

In December 2009, Woods apologized publicly for past “transgressions”.

In his statement, he said, “I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart.

In August, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released his toxicology report which revealed he had FIVE different drugs — including THC — in his system at the time of the arrest. Hackers have once again violated the privacy of Tinseltown's best as Lindsey Vonn's phone has been hacked.

However, prosecutors dropped his driving under the influence charge. To make matters worse, several explicit photos and one video featuring the professional skier has been leaked online. Related: Mystikal Turns Himself In To Police To Face Rape Charges!

Whether she'll be caddying for Woods at the par-three contest on the eve of the Masters remains to be seen, though.

Woods split from former wife Elin Nordergren in 2010 after his string of affairs with cocktail waitresses and Las Vegas workers was exposed.

And it looks like "This particular plea agreement has no jail time on it.

However, if you violate your probation in any significant way, I could revoke your probation and then I could sentence you to jail for 90 days with a fine of up to 0, is that understood? He will also spend a year on probation and pay a 0 fine and court costs.

Video: Tina Fey Lays Into Trump & Nazis On culture reporter Sopan Deb, who took to Twitter to transcribe Stewart's set.


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