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An in depth look at the game was shown at Electronic Arts' EA Play event in Hollywood, Los Angeles on June 10, 2017.A gameplay trailer of a mission, in which Tyler and Jess steal a Koenigsegg Regera from the back of a semi trailer, was shown with a small amount of customisation features were demonstrated at a later point in the show.Street Leagues are events against unique street racing crews across Fortune Valley.

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Each Heat Level will introduce additional police presence, apprehension tactics, and equipment such as roadblocks, spikestrips, helicopters, and Rhino units.

Cars are categorised into a specific car class depending on the dealership they are purchased from.

Players take on the role of three characters across the single player campaign; Each have their own quests towards bringing down The House.

Taking place in the fictional Fortune Valley, players can purchase new cars or rebuild abandoned derelicts, and can customise their vehicles with parts they either win or buy.

All cars are restricted to a set number of classes, with the exception of Derelicts, which can be customised into any of the five classes.

Customisation allows for any owned cars to be altered and personalised to a player's taste.

Defeating them is important in making it to the Outlaw's Rush.

Shipments are reward containers that can be earned through gameplay or can be purchased.

Completing an event will reward the player with reputation, cash, and a speed card.

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