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The guy is on fire with text messages and something is telling me that he can’t take his eyes of his phone, constantly checking if you have texted him. Bonus Tip: communication is key to a successful relationship.

Time is of the essense and he can’t wait until he gets your response. You have to invest in the right type of communication if you want to see your dating activity develop into a long lasting relationship.

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The bubbly blonde confessed earlier this month that her feelings for pal Arg had returned - but he later admitted he only saw her as a friend.

Not giving up on her feelings, Gemma then asked Arg to join her in Tenerife on Wednesday's episode of TOWIE, but the encounter only resulted in further heartbreak.

As a woman, you want to be sure about your boyfriend.

You had him from day one when you saw all the Signs He Wants To Kiss You during the first date. You don’t trust luck, especially not in relationships, so you want to feel certain about your choices. ” and 2 seconds later you got an answer with the full address and location of his whereabouts.

She was left heartbroken on Wednesday's episode of TOWIE, after ex James 'Arg' Argent rejected her romantic advances for the second time.

And it seems Gemma Collins is not willing to give up on her quest for love, as she has reportedly signed up for E4's Celebs Go Dating.

She wrote: 'I am 100% single and not linked to any person at all sadly when people are desperate for money they will do anything for 5 mins of fame sadly it does really upset me maybe this is what they want but please stop hurting me ...'Leave me alone just let me be happy honestly to make money from me when all I been is a good person when they continually cheat on me set stuff up is just sick go away let me be happy, please don’t give these people anymore coverage as they get a kick out of it ....

When you ask him if he loves you, he doesn’t tell you anything.

Many couples end up breaking up because they lost their respect with each other.


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  2. Value is defined by a relationship — one that is born of an intelligent, engaged, collaborative process.

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