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Most of your cheap consumer routers will upgrade their own firmware, but you can’t put Open Wrt on them.

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I started looking for a router with a few criteria in mind First I had to find the right download package.

The WNDR3800 is based on an Atheros AR71xx chipset, versino 1.6.1.

I’ve recommended it to two other friends with a total of five vacation rentals and they’ve all gotten one.

We have two up and running and I just got the third one delivered yesterday and I’ll set that up today or tomorrow.

This is way more complexity than I wanted and many of these solutions quickly become quite expensive.

Second, there is Gargoyle, a free, open-source firmware based on Open Wrt that lets you do exactly what I want.So first you have to figure out whether you have a Atheros AR71xx, Broadcom, Atheros 231X/5312, or Alix/X86 chipset in your router.Then you have to figure out which version of the chipset, If you’re going to use an existing router, I’ll just say that you’ll have to do some research. I ended up with the Netgear WNDR3800 and I’m really happy with it.After a few years of dealing with continual problems with bandwidth limits on our satellite internet network, it was imperative to find a way to institute daily bandwidth limits.When we don’t do that, guests who stay at our vacation rental at the beginning of the month can use up all the bandwidth so that there’s none left for guests at the end of the month, which makes for unhappy people.Gargoyle’s list of supported routers is disappointingly small. If you go to the downloads section, you’ll find that there are hundreds of “image” files.


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