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She seems to get off more on her desserts, than she does with her husband. He himself doesn't compete with Joe Average, a la Bobby Flay; he doesn't eat disgusting things as does Andrew Zimmern; he is most decidedly unpretentious, unlike a host of others; and he leaves the judging and "Aufing" to others. R130 he once visited his Vegas restaurant on DDD and his bartender did a demo of that bloody mary. He dumped tomato juice, garlic, all kinds of hot sauce, BARBECUE SAUCE, and a host of other things into it that made my head spin. The "winners" are given a sho Bobby w (see above - season shot in two days). She' s been declared cancer-free now, but it took over two years. I've gone to most of the restaurants that he has featured that are near me (over 30) and almost all of them were really good.

Amn[quote]Someone referred to "Tyler's side piece." Is he bi? Guy is shown enjoying making food (always for others), eating the food that others make, and setting up challenges for others in making food. Why in fuck's sake would anyone want to drink barbecue sauce??? I don't care at all about a chefs personal life, honestly. Luckily she had the love of a good man, the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo. I think Alton Brown is funny on Cutthroat Kitchen - I know it's a mess of a show but I like it and I like how he's kind of cruel and sarcastic with the contestants. I like Ina, Good Eats was great, Tyler's Ultimate was good.

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Her teenage son yelled "Prick" when Booby got off the elevator. All the other cooking shows are being replaced with celebrities these days.worked in a restaurant in the 90's where Flay was the chef (before he became famous) and I can confirm for the record he is a PRICK. The black female judge with the British accent is beyond gorgeous.

Probably the nastiest I've ever worked with..I've worked with some real assholes. What happened to Giada was horrible and it is not heresay.

I am sure being molested did a number on her sexually. First they stopped showing Anne's cooking show, now Ina is gone! Speaking of TV chefs, does anyone keep up with overseas TV chef? Chef is one of the top 5 professions for psychopaths.

I have known some funny, philosophical and sexy ones, but they were all antisocial assholes. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Gordon Ramsay (not exactly the picture of sanity) said, “Chefs are nutters.

They're all self-obsessed, delicate, dainty, insecure little souls and absolute psychopaths.

Every last one of them.” And boy, would he ever know.(Have you ever seen a busy restaurant kitchen at a peak hour?Absolute madness.)Anthony Bourdain (again, a seemingly awesome guy, but not someone I would cite as a pillar of sanity) chalked it up to a sort of dogged, single-minded drive and perfectionism, combined with having to deal with assholes. It was truly so random that I'm kind of inclined to believe it's true, all things considered.Honestly, she could cook for me all day, and I would eat it. I still think, however, that she probably lies in the missionary position while her husband has sex with her, and it's over in 5 min. They act like they discovered cures for cancers, or solved Fermat's Last Theorem or completed Einstein's Unified Field Teory. plant and animal products put on a plate and eaten... When she joined, she filled a void left by 2 Fat Ladies when Jennifer Saunders died. Can someone explain to me why Guy is so fucking all over that channel? He isn't crabby, critical, caustic, or curmudgeonly. He isn't crabby, critical, caustic, or curmudgeonly. I hope he rapes your ass the way he does the English language. Here is some info on Food Network - the shows they have they tape a whole season in two days. Guy Fieri was a Food Network Star winner and they want to do that again...I just really get the impression that neither of them are very sexual. He used to hit on practically every woman he cooked with on that show where he went to people's homes and helped them cook. I mean really I have yet to meet a single person that actually says they like him. People complain about him all the time, more then most. IOW, people like him because he likes them, or seems to, which is the same thing, really. Can't chefs just cook good, god-damned food and shut their traps about everything else? They have shifted from "chefs" to Celebrities as chefs. Alton left it because he felt they were not picking the right people. Oh and Bob Tishman, the vp of Food Network stepped down... For those who asked about Sandra Lee - she took her show off the air while she battled breast cancer (double mastectomy AND then a recurrence, so more chemo and radiation). He only lasted a year or two before disappearing, never to be seen again on the Food Network.

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