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When Sharon Browne and Phil began working on production for Celtic Thunder he was invited to record backing vocals for the debut DVD, and subsequently play lead guitar player for the live show.

Neil would have to say the most memorable and prestigious performance of his career to date was in Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Two years ago, Irish performers Celtic Thunder pondered their next move.

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Paul has released two albums: Velvet and I'll Be Home For Christmas.

He left Celtic Thunder as of 2011 to pursue his solo career.

episode Since its inception in August 2007 Celtic Thunder has wowed audiences the world over with their crisp vocal harmonies and powerful ensemble numbers.

They bring Celtic Thunder twist to an eclectic mix of songs while introducing music from their homeland and traversing with ease the genres of folk, traditional Irish, adult contemporary, rock and classical crossover.

In addition to Celtic Thunder, he has also performed at major sporting events in Ireland and abroad, including singing at the All Ireland Finals in Dublin's Croke Park and at Heinz Field for a Pittsburgh Steelers game in the USA.

He has also performed for Ireland's President, Mary Mc Aleese, and for Emperor Akihito of Japan.

The group is backed by the Celtic Thunder Band on their concert tours, and their live shows are known for the use of dramatic effects via lighting and choreography as well as a stage set resembling an ancient stone pathway suggestive of those referenced in Celtic lore.

Members The members of Celtic Thunder are (in alphabetical order of family name): Neil Byrne (born November 16, 1977): Music has always been a major part of Neil's life.

Since then he has toured America and Canada extensively with Celtic Thunder and most recently has joined the cast as the 6th leading vocalist with Celtic Thunder.

Paul Michael Byrom (born April 11, 1979) is from Dublin, Ireland.

“It’s the best of Celtic Thunder in one package,” said singer Neil Byrne, calling from a top stop in Nashville.


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