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STI- steering responsive headlights (LED), 19" alloys, Brembo brakes with yellow 6 piston front calipers, dual piston rear, larger, and drilled, front and reqar brake rotors, new front grill with STI logo, reworked DCCD, Comments Disappointed there's no Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

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The 4 flashing red lights indicate warning, danger - that an obstacle is detected or pre-collision braking has been activated or etc.closeup of the 2018 WRX Limited with CVT and Eyesight center console with electric parking brake and AVH auto vehicle hold button.

When the driver turns on the AVH, the electric brake holds the car when the its stopped so the driver doesn't have to keep the brake pressed, then AVH releases when the gas pedal is pressed.

If your oil consumption rate is greater than 1 quart every 1,200 miles or 1 liter every 2,000 kilometers, contact your Subaru dealer who may perform a test under controlled conditions.

6,000 mile/6 months - oil/filter service and tire rotation (every 3,000 miles/3 months with hard, cold, stop and go driving) 12,000 miles/12 months- minor service: inspect all fluids and engine air filter, replace oil/filter, rotate tires, replace cabin air filter 18,000 miles/18 months - oil/filter service and tire rotation 24,000 miles/24 months- minor service: inspect all fluids and engine air filter, replace oil/filter, rotate tires, replace cabin air filter 30,000 miles/30 months- repeat 12,000 mile service, plus replace brake fluid.

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All info subject to change, correction, frequent updating.Comments, tips, and corrections are welcomed and appreciated.2018 Subaru WRX Premium optional Recaro brand power front driver's seat.The radar units send out signals to detect vehicles behind and to each side of the Subaru vehicle, especially those vehicles that might not be visible in the rearview mirrors.Lane Change Assist (LCA), at speeds over 6mph, it looks for vehicles farther back in an adjacent lane – about 220 feet behind the Subaru vehicle.Bumper-to-bumper: 3 year/36,000 mile Roadside assistance: 3 year/36,000 mile Service adjustment (may be performed one time), 3year/36,000 Wear Item Warranty, 3year/36,000 mile, brake pads, clutch disc lining, wiper blades, remote battery.


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