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Over time, Fantano had begun explicitly catering to the latter crowd’s sensibilities.

But as it turns out, music is not this 21st century mogul's only interest.

Up until this afternoon, October 3, Fantano had another booming You Tube channel — practically unknown outside of his fanbase, but immensely popular within it — called thatistheplan.

The 4Chan-affiliated wiki site Encyclopedia Dramatica crowned him “the king of /mu/,” and in 2014, he appeared on the forum for an AMA.

/mu/ is a complex environment — many people on it are serious music fans who care about the scores he awards records on The Needle Drop; they are also steeped in the shock-jock culture of 4Chan.

That’s where most artists stand, and most readers too.

While The Needle Drop covers a similar beat as sites like The FADER and Pitchfork, it exists in a totally different context — the surprisingly conservative world of You Tube.

Until today, Fantano updated it regularly, posting dense videos full of references to memes and other You Tube channels you probably haven’t heard of.

His vocabulary took on a screechy, 4Chan-friendly slant — video titles from the past year include “pepe the frog triggers hillary clinton,” “I CHANGED MY GENDER CUZ DONALD TRUMP,” and “MEGA-CUCK SAYS POKEMON GO IS LIKE DOGFIGHTING.” He raged against SJWs and feminists, and, in video after video, treated black musicians as a punchline.

“XXXTentacion is the greatest rapper” — which you can watch in the archives of the Wayback Machine — offers more of the same.


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