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which then flows south through Bolivia to Lake Poopó.

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In the winter (June – September), mixing occurs with the deeper waters, which are always between 10 to 11 °C (50 to 52 °F).

Neither the protohistoric nor prehistoric name for Lake Titicaca is currently known.

Given the various Native American groups that occupied the Lake Titicaca region, it is likely that it lacked a single, commonly accepted name in prehistoric times and at the time the Spaniards arrived.

The terms titi and caca can be translated in multiple ways.In addition to names including the term titi and/or caca, Lake Titicaca was also known as Chuquivitu in the sixteenth century.This name can be loosely translated as lance point.The lake holds large populations of water birds and was designated as a Ramsar Site on August 26, 1998.Several threatened species such as the huge Titicaca water frog and the flightless Titicaca grebe are largely or entirely restricted to the lake, In addition to the Titicaca orestias, native fish species in the lake's basin are other species of Orestias, and the catfish Trichomycterus dispar, T.According to Weston La Barre, the Aymara considered in 1948 that the proper name of the lake is titiq’aq’a, which means gray discolored, lead-colored puma.

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