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As well as his love of piano, Latin and acting like a monk.

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Estimated net worth: £6 million We're huge fans of Ollie Locke, but any innate poshness he may have once had is being watered down – and to be honest, we're not convinced that he ever had an awful lot given that his mum is a local radio DJ and he began other shows) and release a book about sex. He grew up in Southampton, graduating from Hampshire Collegiate College and Newcastle.

He moved to London in 2006, where he worked for an independent magazine in Chelsea.

You can find Myttons at universities around the country: sure, they wear Jack Wills, spend ages on their hair, and probably have a trust fund, but where are the royal connections? We love Mytton but he's just not as posh as some of his mates. He did at least study at Lord Wandsworth College and later attended Oxford Brookes.

It's not really a surprise that Jess and Mytton had a sort of awkward "thing" between them, given that they're at about similar levels of poshness.

He also sold a pub company to Greene King for something like £70m. She went on to study philosophy at Leeds University, before spending a year studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, performing in various productions including bumbling, Sam also recently spent £24,000 on a bar bill (those five bottles of Dom Perignon and 10 magnums of Grey Goose do tend to add up).

Unfortunately, it was in Watford, which brings down the posh quotient somewhat.Estimated net worth: £500,000 as posh as her older sibling Lucy.Purely due to being a bit younger and not as mature (yet).Kylie and Kendall Jenner like to keep quiet about their relationships, but when they stopped by Chelsea Lately last night, they couldn't escape talking about their private lives — especially after they told host Chelsea Handler they didn't want to."So we'll pretend that you're single," Chelsea said sarcastically, pointing to Kylie, then nodding to Kendall, "and you're not dating Harry Styles." But she didn't let them off that easily.Estimated net worth: £650,000posh, but her accent is definitely there (and she's certainly mastered the art of the sneer). However, we'd argue that she's actually a middle-class girl done good.


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