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George's Parish, from that of Admiral Sir George Somers. George's Parish was named for Bermuda's Elizabethan patron and founder, Englishman Admiral Sir George Somers. George in Bermuda , of course, usually referred to as St. George's Island - then referred to as King's Island because it was where the British King's representative was based - was the first to be colonized. The Parish starts where Hamilton Parish ends, on the road after Blue Hole Hill, before the Causeway to the airport. George's Island via the Swing Bridge, then over it and Longbird bridges briefly into Hamilton Parish then this Parish again at Tucker's Town and Castle Islands.. George's Harbor; the Causeway; Coney Island and Ferry Island. The General Election race for St Georges is locked in a dead heat, according to a poll commissioned by The Royal Gazette.

His Somers coat of arms, copyrighted by his family, members of which still exist today, is exactly what is shown on Bermuda's St. Used with exclusive permission from the copyright owners. Places in the United Kingdom dedicated to his saintly name and history include St. George's Island, Cornwall, England and Ogbourne St. George's and in this Parish; Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, Georgetown of Guyana in South America and St. (It once provided the horse ferry as the only connection between St. The One Bermuda Alliance and the Progressive Labour Party is each claiming 42 per cent of the votes in the East End parish that has proved a decisive battleground in all recent elections, with 16 per cent of voters undecided.

In Sandys, the PLP continues to dominate, with a lead of 54 per cent to 21 per cent. The property included a sprawling mansion and guest cottages, all still there, and a large boat house.

The OBA is ahead by 30, 26, 20, 12 and 5 points in Smiths, Paget, Southampton, Hamilton and Devonshire respectively. A private property, still unofficially referred to as the Astor Estate although it has not been owned for decades by the Astor family.

Meanwhile, in Pembroke, the parties are neck and neck, on 40 per cent each. During her long marriage to the Prince of Wales and later king, Alexandra put up with Edward's continued association with other women.

In the central parishs tightest constituency, Pembroke Central, Walton Brown, of the PLP, beat Andrew Simons by six votes in 2012. Alexandra was immensely popular with the population of Britain at large right into 1925, the year of her death.

Most of those results are consistent with previous election results, except for Hamilton, where the PLP was successful in two of the three seats five years ago. The property which long ago passed into private local hands (believed to one point to have been Herbie Bierman who died in 1971 but Bierman family is still the dominant one in Bermuda-made concrete) has since been subdivided into apartments or cottages.

This shows the layout of the Parish but not the physical boundary of the Town of St. It got its name from American tycoon Vincent Astor (1891-1959).

The telephone poll of 400 registered voters has a margin of error of /- 5 per cent.

St Georges has traditionally been one of the most closely fought political battles: on nine occasions since 2003 its constituencies have been won or lost by margins of less than 50 votes.

At the 2012 election, the OBA took three of the parishs four seats, including St Georges West, where Nandi Outerbridge claimed 359 for the OBA, against 355 for Rene Ming of the PLP and 214 for independent Kim Swan.


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