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Other Marymount schools were established to spread the work of the original: in 1923 Marymount Academy of Los Angeles (now Marymount College in Palos Verdes Estates), in 1923 Mariemont in Paris, in 1930 Mariamonte in Rome, and in 1936 the two-year Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, which became a four-year liberal arts college in 1948. Corpus would answer when asked about the tremendous growth of the Mother Butler Mission Guilds. What faith to call on seven friends to share her vision.

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She says: “What the Sun, King of Stars, is to our material universe, which it illuminates, beautifies and renders fruitful – all that, and much more, is the Holy Mass in the Spiritual World of souls. It is the focus of all spiritual acts; the culmination of our Holy Religion.

It is Calvary re-enacted and from It flows all Grace on the entire Universe.” We all know this to be a truth, but how well we appreciate it is another matter again.

As a religious, she fostered devotion to the Holy Sacrifice among her students by teaching them to sew church vestments and linen for the missions.

The impact of this devotion was such that to this day, organizations carrying her name are found in all continents to perpetuate her apostolate for the Altar of Sacrifice.

In 1926 Butler was elected Mother General of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Mary, making her the first American head of a European-based Catholic order. After some more years, I became a National Officer.

These meant frequent meetings, close consultations, a deeper personal relationship, and she insisted I call her simply Clara.

With this picture in focus, many thoughts come to mind. And the privilege – would she waive the extraordinary opportunity to clothe the King of the Universe?

We figure that Our Lady would never have thought of delegating to anyone else the task of weaving clothes for her Son. We tend to think too that Mary worked in the privacy of her home without fanfare.

For a little girl just past the First Communion age, the sacrifice this involves – and the love for the Eucharistic Sacrifice it implies – are remarkable.

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