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Not only does this new scale provide the answer for so many of the objections scholars have come up with…BUT IT HAS BECOME INSTRUMENTAL IN CONFIRMING WHAT APPEAR TO BE FOUR UNRECOGNISED PYRAMID RUINS AT GIZA!

Dating breakthrough

Their attempts to communicate with each other usually followed a predictable pattern of failure.

When Tiffany shared anger, worry, or sadness, Mark tried to help her by offering advice on how to solve or prevent the situation that caused those negative feelings. Whenever Mark gave her unsolicited advice, she became upset with him.

He was caring and responsible but always placed tasks before people.

He was convinced that he was a good husband because he worked very hard to provide for his family and had never cheated on his wife or done anything immoral or illegal.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking each other for granted or just putting up with each other.

One husband described this bluntly: “When I get home my dog is the only one who seems excited to see me! Focus on those qualities and strengths that you honor and respect in your partner.

His ‘missing pyramid hypothesis’ was first mentioned in his book, ‘The Hidden Records’, which has recently been published.

The author made this invaluable breakthrough while setting out to prove author Robert Bauval’s much acclaimed theory that the three pyramids of Giza correlate with Orion’s ‘belt’.

They acknowledged that they were taking each other for granted and that their jobs got the best of them. They decided to switch their priorities and focus first on each other’s feelings and needs and to 2. Over the years you may have shifted focus away from your partner and more towards yourself.

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