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This ended up with Kim raging: 'You are the most two-faced people!

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"While the former congressman's sexting did unquestionable damage to his political career (and presumably, to his marriage as well), he did not find himself in jail over his actions."Neither Wampler nor the youth law centers say that underage youths like B. Arguing to uphold the prosecution, Gregory Fuchs, the assistant attorney general, says that by pleading guilty, B. lost the right to challenge the constitutionality of his conviction. was still on probation when the other offenses arose, justifying the court's decision to punish him rather than the girl, Fuchs said. W.," Fuchs writes, "and it was just as illegal" for B. to "possess child pornography" — the sexted photos — "as it would have been if he was 51 years old."Wampler said B.

for sexting — while adults would go unpunished for the same conduct — is also unfair. Instead, the lawyers say both could have been referred as status offenders for counseling and ordered to take classes on sexual boundaries and appropriate interactions with their peers. Appeals to the Woodford Circuit Court and state Court of Appeals were unsuccessful, but the state Supreme Court agreed to hear his case. said he "would tell me what to do and how to do it," and says B. was more culpable because he sent the first photo and threatened to tell friends they were having sex if she didn't send him one back."There was only one victim in this case, C.

Getting involved: An argument between Stacy Francis and Jessica Cunningham exploded into an epic Celebrity Big Brother drama on Wednesday night's episode, resulting in Kim Woodburn's temporary removal from the house Not impressed: After Jessica and Stacy fought it out over who has had the toughest life to date, Chloe Ferry, Nicola Mc Lean, Stacy and Kim were discussing the argument while Jessica cried in the toilets'Go to the Diary Room and don't ever come back!

'Kim indeed went to the Diary Room where she calmly said to Big Brother: 'I haven't got a clue what this is all about.'She then began talking about Nicola, saying: 'She is the mafia! 'They're being nasty for no reason and they're picking on me.'On being released from the Diary Room, Kim entered the bedroom where many of the others were trying to settle to sleep, but the confrontation started up once again.'I'll cross you so badly and you'll regret it for the rest of your life!

"The simple fact is that unfortunately, many young teens under 16 are having sex with each other and engaging in sexting."If the Commonwealth's position is held to be correct, then approximately one third of all teenagers, according to recent statistics, could be charged with a felony sex offense," Wampler said. had sex, and it is clear that the sex was consensual," Wampler writes in his brief. And in neighboring Ohio, the state Supreme Court in 2010 held that it was unconstitutional to criminally charge a child who was himself legally unable to consent when he engaged in sexual conduct with a same-aged peer."Each child is both an offender and a victim," that court said, "and the distinction between those two terms breaks down."Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates, which is not involved with the case, said that if what happened between B.

"That should strike fear in the hearts of every parent who has bought their child a smartphone."The Kentucky attorney general's office, which is defending the prosecution, says that punishing only the boy was justified because he initiated the acts and because he had a prior offense for indecent exposure.

But the nation's oldest public interest law firm for children, the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia, and the Children's Law Center of Covington say in a friend-of-the court brief that criminalizing "sexual explorations" among consenting teens is bad law and policy and stigmatizes youths."Dealing with sexual feelings is an important part of adolescence," they say in their brief, which notes that most states impose no punishment, or reduce punishment, when teen partners are of similar ages. H.'s prior offense is irrelevant to the constitutional issues in the current case."There is no dispute that B.

Fuchs also says it's important to note that the boy's problems began more than a year before when he adjudicated on the indecent exposure charge, for knocking on a neighbor's door dressed only in a towel, removing it, then fondling himself in front of the neighbor when she asked him to go away. H.'s conduct might not earn him "any points for boyfriend of the year."But the youth center lawyers — Rebecca Ballard Di Loreto for the Kentucky group and Marsha Levick for the national organization — say that engaging in sexting, "while arguably stupid or reckless," is "a normal part of modern adolescent behavior."Wampler, citing a 2013 pediatric study that found about one-third of all adolescents in the United States are sexually active by age 16, says it would "double the damage" if they were all charged with crimes."It is misbehavior, not criminal behavior," Di Loreto said in an interview.

'During the show, set to be televised on Thursday night, housemates were given this week's shopping task.


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