Legend of zelda dating sim

One would certainly hope not, as their relationship involved Tingle essentially enslaving them and forcing them to work on his island.

Perhaps this was a sign of things to come, as Tingle’s callous attitude towards workers’ rights would prove to be his downfall in the titles that followed.

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Here his passion for photography resulted in him being cruelly imprisoned for stealing a Picto Box, but after being freed he became an essential character to the game’s storyline.

Link’s journey to reassemble the Triforce of Courage would be impossible without the assistance of his fairy friend in deciphering maps and surely Tingle’s charm alleviated some of the tedium that came with the quest.

The life and legacy of Tingle isn’t extensively documented and leaves many unexplored questions. Just as the tale of the Hero of Time and the Triforce is constantly being retold, so too is the story of this unsung legend. His dreams of fantastical worlds and becoming a fairy persisted into adulthood where he attempted to kickstart his acting career while working as a balloon salesman.

Though rejected for his looks and personality quirks, Tingle remained persistent, finally landing a minor role in a local production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“The whole balloon thing was actually his idea – he just walked into the studio with a whole bunch of balloons tied to his back.

We all thought that was pretty f***ing hilarious so we decided to run with it.” With his charming magic words of “Kooloo-Limpah!“He was really hooked on at the time,” said one staff member, “He requested that we turn the game into a dating sim, but then he wanted it to be set in the world of The Wizard of Oz as well.He’d just come in with random requests like insisting that the Tin Man’s breasts be larger.” While Tingle’s contribution lent an oddball charm to the game, it was clear that production would have gone more smoothly had he been less demanding.There are no plans to make him a playable character, though, so please stop asking me.I don’t even read your Miiverse comments.” Tingle took on even more responsibility in 2003’s .After a handful of brief cameos in told the story of Tingle’s transformation into his fairy persona and bizarre fixation on money.


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