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But why not stick them in the spice rack alongside those three year old cinnamon sticks and that empty jar of paprika? Pepper Used well, pepper adds a kick to a dish that is missing some spice.

Used in excess and you’re left cutting the edges off of that inedible piece of chicken you worked so hard for.

Off the market for over four years, Denton, better known as “Pepa” of the hip-hop duo Salt-n-Pepa — is looking to get back in the dating game, and she’s doing it in front of the camera.

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I’m looking for love, and Jacque is contemplating having a kid with or without love.

I think a lot of women will identify with this show.

I wasn’t happy with some of the choices I made in my relationships, and things I had allowed to happen to me and that I had settled for. I knew dating would confuse the situation, and wouldn’t give me time to soul-search and just get to know me. Joumana Kidd and I went to the Super Bowl last year, and I will never forget, wooo, all those boys! Some dates are not going to be the man you’re going to marry, but I learned how to just go on a date and have fun. What can you tell us about the assortment of men you date on the show? I’m proud of myself because I’ve come so far in being open to meeting other people. I love Telepan on the upper West Side and the Gansevoort Rooftop in the Meatpacking District. I love sushi, but on this one date we tried sea urchin and he was less adventurous but he tried it. That’s important to me — someone who is willing to try something at least once.

So I stopped dating totally — no sex — and then just within the last year, because it’s going on five years now, I was ready. After that, I wanted to go out — and I wanted to meet some guys and start going out on dates. Before I was like, “You’re either going to be mine or not." I wouldn’t even go on a date before if they weren’t husband material. I went on a date outside my race — and that was a hot date, honey. I had never done that before — not that I was against it — I was just with the brothers. We were both looking at our plates like, “Okay, ready? I ate it, but it would not be a dish I would order again. I’m a working woman and so shall he be, a working man.

Our bodies need salt in order to perform basic functions.

Too little salt and the fluid levels in our bodies fall out of balance; too much salt and we damage our arteries, increasing our blood pressure.

It’s about the little things; if I’m carrying something, ask if you can help, if I’m about to change a light bulb, say, “Baby, I got that” — and he opens the door for me.

Us working women, because of where we’re at now and what we didn’t get before, I was opening the door for guys — I was the man in the relationship, and no more of that.

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