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"She's a sweetheart, she's growing up too fast," he reflected. I just don't want [her] being anything other than sheltered and protected."WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Shares Adorable Photo From 'Daddy-Daughter Bonding Weekend' Wahlberg made his time in Chicago a family affair, hanging out with his wife, Rhea Durham, and their kids - Ella, Michael, 11, Brendan, 8, and Grace, 7 -- before the star-studded premiere.

They’ve combined their families, a total of three kids from previous marriages, and — spoiler alert — purchased a home in suburban St. 7 to 1.7 million viewers, and follows the duo’s madcap relationship, documenting the (often surprisingly normal) obstacles they face each day. I had never seen it before, but we just watched it the other day. ON MCCARTHY: Dress: Dolce & Gabbana, $3,675, Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 N.

Charles (until now they’ve been living outside New York City, where Wahlberg films his CBS cop drama, “Blue Bloods,” and Mc Carthy records her Sirius XM radio show, “Dirty Sexy Funny”). In one episode, for example, Wahlberg, 45, makes a mess fixing breakfast for Mc Carthy’s son, and then uses chewing gum to glue planets together for his school science project. Michigan; Earrings: Mariani, diamonds and 18-karat white gold, $15,500 Ring: Carrera y Carrera, diamonds and 18-karat white and yellow gold, $8,350 Both available: A.

We were trying to find a way to work together and spend as much time as possible together, so [doing a show] seemed like a no-brainer.” At this point in the interview there’s a long pause. ” Neither can quite put it into words, except to reiterate “just knowing.” “I immediately knew there was something special about her,” Wahlberg says. Jenny thinks she’s the worst dancer in history, but the smile on her face when she dances … I don’t know what she’s doing; I’m just looking at her smile. Michigan; Shirt: Emporio Armani, $295, Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 N. Huron; Necklace: Garrard, diamonds, rubies and 18-karat white gold, $41,250, A.

The newlyweds have honed in on each other and don’t seem to realize anyone else is in the room — not the stylist primping Mc Carthy’s hair or the photographer staging his next shot — and certainly not me, recorder light blinking red, waiting for an answer to my last question. “I immediately knew, though, that if I was going to [go] out with her, I was going to have to get out of my own way. I always had a crush on him in “Grease” and was like, “I wanna marry Danny Zuko.” Now I definitely feel like I married Danny Zuko. Marek Fine Jewelry, 3021 Butterfield, Oak Brook; ON WAHLBERG: Suit: Emporio Armani, $1,495, Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 N.

(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 17: (L-R) Mark Wahlberg, Ella Rae Wahlberg and Rhea Durham attend a basketball game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on December 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

(Photo by Noel Vasquez/GC Images)BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 02: Actor Mark Wahlberg, wife Rhea Durham and daughter Ella Rae Wahlberg attend Operation Smile's 2015 Smile Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on October 2, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

(Photo by Jason La Veris/Film Magic)LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 27: Actor Mark Wahlberg (R) and daughter Ella Wahlberg attend the Minnie Gifting Lounge during the 2013 Radio Disney Awards at Nokia Theatre L. For me, you know, I'm super overprotective," he explained.

"But he's just a very nice, young, smart boy who is very polite and well prepared."The actor said that his paternal instinct even extends to his 16-year-old co-star, Isabela Moner.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 04: (EDITORS NOTE: Image was processed using Digital Filters) An alternative view of Mark Wahlberg at a photocall for 'Broken City' at Hotel Ritz Carlton on February 4, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

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