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Reply I purchased a lift recliner for my mother, that is undergoing chemotherapy & having a lot of difficulty getting out of her recliner. This person took all of my information & said that they would reorder in the morning.

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Wish we had read these before we bought our $1500 chair 2 years ago, which lasted about one year before it becomes very discolored one head rest area. It is maddening to see this horrible chair sitting in our living room. Dave and Jane Gray Wallace, NC 28466 Reply verified all comments customer service . they are not taking care of their franchises / they should stand up for themselves /or close all these stores so no one else gets cheated .

The chair is so poorly made and a expensive chair can’t even hold for it first year is totally not acceptable.

I need your company to be responsible to this and have it solve.

Now my seating/padding is falling because I have the standard foam not the memory foam in my recliners, which I was not told at the time of the sale. My Mother and I went to the store and only looked & sat in lift chairs before I ordered. So, I went the next day to the local store & presented my case to other sales people that were there.

Now they are telling my that I would have to pay for the laz-y-boy tech along with the parts for my recliners. I feel that their sales persons should inform the customer about the two types of foam a recliner or sofa or whatever has and about exactly what the warranties clearly covers. I explained that the chair delivered to my Mother was not the chair that we had picked out at all and was not a lift chair, nor was it the right color.

We went back to dealer and was told “They quit making this chair because of similar problems and complaints.” What can you do for us? We had a Laz Boy chair before this one that lasted 15 years. i wish there was something i can do / how about a class action suite Reply I purchased to recliners along with 2 years ago at the time I purchased 2 warranties.

I ask my sales person if those warranties covered my seating/cushions and I was told you will be covered from top to bottom. I called the local dealer & spoke to the salesperson that I dealt with when I ordered, to only have her tell me that I hadn’t ordered a lift chair.

I intend to contact the store tomorrow & see how long this lift chair will take.

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