Dating agencies east sussex

Yes we can all look at a photo of our celebrity crush and swoon but that doesn’t mean they would be compatible with you or even fancy you.

During this call we aim to find out a little more about you to see if we can assist you and will answer any questions you may have.

If we believe we can assist you after the initial call then all potential members are offered a complimentary, no-obligation meeting with us.

We bow out letting you arrange your date but we offer you plenty of support should you require it.

We recommend that your date takes place within 10 days from exchange of profiles, after which we ask that you provide us with feedback on how it went.

The one thing they all have in common is they are serious about finding a long term partner and have taken a proactive approach in doing so rather than leaving love to a chance meeting.

Our clients come from the areas we cover, including: Our services are aimed at people from their mid 30s upwards.Please don’t expect us to show you our members’ profiles at this meeting because: Once you have become a member, we will ask you to complete a profile questionnaire.You will say what qualities and values you would like a potential partner to have.After becoming a member we select matches for you by using information that you provide us with based on what qualities and values you are looking for in a partner as well as, life style, personality traits and some cross over on interests.We exchange profiles with your consent and remaining in control only you decide whether to meet the person for a date.We specify your number of matches in your membership agreement and will guarantee you at least that number.

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