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She didn't know how she gathered them, but they were there now, and it was stuck like super glue. Being in -liking someone who doesn't like you back.She wasn't in love with Freddie Benson-she couldn't be.Her eyebrows plugged out, actually having a good shape.

She was almost crying while sniffing away her emotions, embracing herself for the small comfort she knew she wasn't going to get from other warm arms-form his warm arms.

So she just walked around, and she thought about hating him again; she thought about keeping her distance from him and maybe lose the small emotions she had developed over the past months.

She popped her lips and licked them, rocking herself back and forth in the soles of her feet, waiting for his what-seemed-to-take-forever appearance.

She crossed her hands over her chest, trying to warm the chill that was forming goose bumps on her arms and sending shivers on her spine.

She'd known him all her life, but to the point where she actually loves him, she doesn't think so.

It hurts, that he likes someone who isn't her, but not to point where she'll stop living because of him.

But wasn't holding her and guiding her like he had guided her best friend an hour earlier.

She shook it off and pulled her strands of blonde locks behind her ear and looked up, noticing the stairs that would lead her to the fire escape where her lips had first made a wonderful impact with a nub (anyone in general) for the first time.

It wasn't worth it, or so she thought, dressing up and bothering to actually check every detail to make herself look different in the same matter, just to see if he noticed.

She actually put make up, not that she had (that much) trouble, but she fused her brownish and orange eye shadow with eyeliner and mascara.

Without ruining the moment that was forming, even though she had a huge urge to rush back in as she walked out and pull them apart with her filed nails when she looked in from the transparent glass door. The way Benson enjoyed it made her heart sink made her want to vomit her organs out.

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