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16 at Grand Bay NERR” Its highly unlikely that the state government would recommend this if it was illegal to set up rain barrels.

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I do want to deal with truth and factual information regarding rain water harvesting.

That said, there is a dangerous trend surfacing, not in “big” government, but in local authorities. Do not react out of ignorance resulting in misplaced anger.

Update; April 10, 2015: Its been over a year since the last post on this topic.

Sadly, lots of the links we put here to state gov’t webpages on rain water harvesting have been moved, or perhaps simply removed.

Also note that in Texas, the right to harvest rain water is actually protected by law.

Also note that: it is my interpretation that California, Colorado, and Ohio have regulations that make it very difficult for the average homeowner to set up a rainwater harvesting system; even though it is not “blatantly against the law for anyone and / or everyone”.Home owner’s associations, local counties, and cities can often times target citizens for a variety of marginally legal reasons, usually resulting from a complaint registered by a neighbor, or the actions of an over-zealous “inspector”. Respond and stand firm with truth and factual evidence.Update; June 1, 2015: Some new information on Nevada.After reviewing other’s research (shown below at the bottom of this page); the same applies.Also note that there are over 3000 counties in the U. It is entirely possible that rain water harvesting may be subject to additional laws not found on the state government websites.Check with local health districts regarding this issue before you set up rain barrels.

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