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The team even made fun of the fact that he would say that. :)You just jogged my memory on him as regards how lowkey he is and uses genderless formats in interviews.

He may be straight and simply private or doesn't want to date. And going straight to the magazines to talk about it is suspect too.

Star Wars money has allowed him to concentrate on, and fund projects, at the theater.[quote]How do openly Gay British actors ever get work in the UK? Alright, I'm bumping up my Samuel Barnett, slut, thread I created yesterday. Its hard enough to go through these things in my mind without being scrutinised about it so there are times when you want to close the door and say my sexuality is my own personal business."His PR people claim they have proof the interview was a fake and never took place.

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It's hilarious how he's never officially come out of the closet, but basically, based on mannerisms, he don't need to. He's made a lot of comments about gay issues, and he's let it slip in a documentary that when his boyfriend isn't with him in bed, he feels uneasy about being alone.

I read the comments about him and Tovey being big old sluts in NY, and was wondering if someone could expand upon on it. I have no idea if he's out to the public, but he's a friend of a friend. Nick Grimshaw isn't out the way Scott Mills is out.

Sharpe's acting is as powerful as his writing, adopting the role of Shun -- the Japanese glue barely holding this broken English family together."Flowers" is easily some of the best television I've seen, and I'll be following Sharpe's career with great interest.

This includes young Brits as well, maybe not as well-known as say, Sir Ian Mc Kellen.

Young up and comers: Russell Tovey Samuel Barnett Kevin Trainor (Northern Ireland)Ben Whishaw There there's: Mark Gattiss Charlie Condou Jame Dreyfus I don't recognize a single one of the names on this thread besides Ian Mc Kellan, Ben Whishaw, and Simon Woods.

And both Whishaw (whom I only know from BRIDESHEAD REVISITED) and Woods (whom I only know from ROME) are pretty obscure.I met them both there and I though for sure they were a couple. It was a long time ago."I talk about my sexuality," he says, "But it's always glossed over. Whenever it is discussed, its distended and exaggerated. Ioan Gruffudd is straight and Matthew Rhys is in a glass closet.[quote]Well, after years of denials Rupert Graves finally admitted he was bi and had had a relationship with a guy No. Is the arab guy the policeman or was that somebody else.He admitted he had a fling with a man in his younger days because he thought it was "arty", and the only way he could get off was by thinking about a woman. He's not bi.r119, he could have been describing "that" time period. He was well built, which is probably why Tovey got on an exercise kick, which includes weight lifting. When Tovey was interview in Attitude about nudity/sex scenes, he made a comment that it wasn't necessary/appropriate to show him fucking an ass or a pussy onscreen. People have seen Charlie nude at the gym he frequents as well. He's married now with two kids, but he said that although they don't have an open relationship, who knows what could happen down the line.It appears that only when they want a career in the US do Brit actors straighten up (...cough, Tom Hardy...cough, Luke Evans, cough...)[quote]The BBC is not exactly one to encourage this The BBC, and its viewers, doesn't have a problem with gay actors/chat show hosts/musicians etc. He had a few years where it seemed the only roles he got were variations on 'vulnerable gay schoolboy', but he was damn good at it.Plenty of opemnly gay actors work on the BBC (and ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky)There are parts of the worldwide entertainment industry that welcome gay actors for entertainment purposes and projects. We don't get any press on them here in the States, so based on your post I had to look it up online. R96, but I don't think he's actually said or maintained anything - "from what you can tell" is just speculation?I'm sure quite a few young and male viewers know Russell Tovey from "Being Human".


  1. Those who propogate this particular stereotype expose their ugly racism.

  2. It is also the poem I remember learning least about, apart from the fact that – according to my teacher – Thomas would get very drunk before he wrote anything.

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