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Note: I do not necessarily endorse any of the following websites.

David Icke Forum Conspiracy, metaphysics, reptilian and NWO agendas.

Godlike Productions Fringe circus with lots of activity.

Nevertheless, all contain puzzle pieces available to those with the ideological immune systems to discern them.

Divine Cosmos David Wilcock, channeler and thinker.

Salt Water Remedy Removing loosely attached negative entities using salt water.

Science of Soulmates Spiritual aspects of relationships and attraction.Shopping for Spirit Thought-provoking articles by Steve Gamble presenting gnostic investigations into metaphysics and the control system.Simplified NEW Energy Ways Method for stimulating the subtle body and accumulating energy.Second Attention Extracts from the Castaneda material regarding this altered state of consciousness.Shamanscave Informative site about shamanism with topics including recapitulation, stalking, dreaming, and scrying.Bringers of the Dawn Interesting book by Marciniak. Cassiopaean Transcripts Among the most insightful and original channelled material ever published. Crystalinks Ellie Crystal's metaphysical and science website with daily updates and a large encyclopedia of esoteric subjects.


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