Speleothem dating

Non-acid soluble humic, particulate and detritally absorbed organic matter was recovered from eight samples from a flowstone sinter formed within a roman aqueduct at Trento in Italy with a maximum age of 100 CE (1850 cal yr BP), and two repeat samples from a dripstone formed within the 20th Century on a wire fence at Lilly-Pilly Cave, Buchan Caves Reserve in Victoria, Australia.In the aqueduct samples the median calibrated C ages ranged from 2232 to 2889 cal yr BP, with 95.4% probability age range in the youngest and oldest samples of 2153–23–3449 cal yr BP respectively.

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C) are recorded well in speleothems, giving high-resolution data that can show annual variation in temperature (oxygen isotopes primarily reflect rainfall temperature) and precipitation (carbon isotopes primarily reflect C3/C4 plant composition and plant productivity, but the interpretation is often complicated).

By sampling along a dated transect of a speleothem, these isotope values and speleothem growth rates provide a paleoclimate records similar to those from ice cores.

We obtained U age of 333 ± 79 ka and a-spectrometric U-Th age of ∼255 ka.

For samples of Tertiary and Quaternary age, the initial state of U-series disequilibrium is an important consideration and, as with most radiometric dating techniques, the mineral must have remained closed to U, Th, Pb, and all intermediate daughters.

Many speleothems are named for their resemblance to man-made or natural objects.

Types of speleothems include: Although sometimes similar in appearance to speleothems in caves formed by dissolution, lava stalactites are formed by the cooling of residual lava within the lava tube.

Thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) offer significant improvements in counting efficiency and sample throughput compared to traditional decay-counting techniques.

For ∼ 100 mg samples containing ∼ 1.0 ppm Th age errors, based on the analytical errors (2a) of current TIMS and ICP-MS techniques, are approximately: 500 ± 6 yrs, 10,000 ± 40 yrs, 50,000 ± 180 yrs, 120,000 ± 500 yrs, and 500,000 ± 15,000 yrs.

It is paradoxical in that its solubility decreases as the temperature increases, unlike the vast majority of dissolved solids.

This decrease is due to interactions with the carbon dioxide, whose solubility is diminished by elevated temperatures; as the carbon dioxide is released, the calcium carbonate is precipitated.

Th for young samples, although this problem becomes less significant or even insignificant with increasing age.


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