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The Old Alton Memorial Cemetery Association cares for the graves and gathers annually in the spring for Decoration Day.As the area becomes more urban, the Old Alton Cemetery stands as a reminder of the region's rural past.

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In 1848 the Texas legislature decided that Alton would become the county seat of government for Denton County, replacing the community of Pinckneyville.

Present-day Corinth is less than a mile from what was the first town to be named Alton.

Alton was the county seat of Denton County from 1851 until 1856.

Located on Hickory Creek, the community flourished with stores, a hotel, post office, school and other businesses.

(2002)Photographer's Note: "I found your site a few years ago and I love reading about Texas ghost towns! I never made the connection that Alton and Old Alton were the same place when I was reading this!

I read about Alton and realized I've lived 5 minutes from it for most of my life! The bridge is often referred to as Goat Man's bridge and there are rumors it is haunted. In that year, Rebecca Daugherty, daughter of one of the pioneer families, died and was buried on family property.Over time, burials of neighbors and relatives continued on the site, and in 1909 the land was donated and dedicated as a private cemetery.Furthermore, groundwater levels remained unfavorably low (25th percentile or lower) in the D2 areas of central Maryland.A second week of wet weather began lifting parts of the Southeast out of drought, though significant precipitation deficits lingered over the past 2 to 6 months.I go to high school right across from the cemetery and church.


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