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To be fair to Amber Heard, she was legally married (during that brief window of legality in '08, pre- Prop 8) to Tasya Van Ree.

(She listed herself as "Amber Van Ree" in incorporation documents, for political donations [where using an alias is illegal], and probably on the home they co-owned [I never saw the lease, though], and they'd been wearing matching rings since '07.) And she hadn't been with a man for over a decade. Then comes the bad stuff: Amber "comes out", but non-specifically, not mentioning Tasya, followed by their apparent break-up, followed by her PRomance with Depp, which has now graduated to "marriage".

They say dark chocolate is sweeter, well in this case it is.

Model Alek Wek has a sweet style and unique look that has propelled her into one of the most successful models of color.

Is Johnny so drunk he doesn't know he's married to a lesbo?

(Allegedly she still has girls on the side.) Did he join our team and it's a double-beard?

She was never with a woman (even secretly) before Ellen, and not after.

Amber Heard isn't a lesbian, she's always openly identified as bi.(Some were claiming this about him and Vanessa Paradis, and his career is basically reduced to playing the FLAMING-Gay-but-you-can't-say-that-because-we-need-the-kiddies'-$$$ Jack Sparrow in between flops.) Or is it really the romance we're told it is?Hell if I know, but it seems a little more suspicious than say, Amanda Peet, who certainly enjoyed the company of both Sarah Paulson and Lauren Holly (hope Sarah and Lauren didn't have TOO many cat fights over Amanda while making "What Women Want") but seems legitimately settled down with her Go T-producer hubby. No offense, Caitlyn.)I still say the Amber Heards and Anne Heches are a major problem to the cause -- because they make it look like being gay is indeed a choice that one can turn on and off like a lightbulb (or, in Amber's high profile bullshit case, can " cure" yourself of it long term and live a happy "normal" hetero life, vomit.Born in Sudan, Wek owns the runway with her long legs and piercing gaze.And like the true Aries (we love fashion) she is, Wek has also transitioned into the role of designer with her collection of handbags, Wek 1933.Whatever this Chocolate Model/Fashionista does, we can bet it will be a success.


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