Philipino sex chat tango - Updating an antique wardrobe trunk

Remember that old trunk we found in our back alley headed for the landfill earlier this month?Well, with a little TLC and imagination, we've repurposed it into our new TV stand, complete with castor wheels: I'd spotted this trunk on the far end of our back alley when we headed out from the garage to run errands that morning.Stain new leather handles with a commercial oil-based stain before installation.

Whilst travelling the world he discovered that it’s not the destination but the journey itself that what is life about.

He is very happy to have found his great passion in life, being able to work with vintage luggage every day, sourcing, restoring and selling vintage luggage.

Once the fixtures on the trunk have been repaired, the outside may be painted or -- if it’s in reasonably good shape -- left with its aged patina finish.

If it’s to be left unpainted, use mineral spirits and a soft cloth to remove dirt and old wax, then wipe the trunk dry with a clean cloth.

Most Louis Vuitton trunks have reached an 1000% value increase over the past 20 years.

Luuk advises many trunk collectors worldwide on their next purchase and performs ‘live’ by invitation and can tell you all about this solid, usuable investment.

Trunks with only moderate damage can often be repaired because replacement parts such as corner trim, latches, rivets and leather handles are available through mail-order companies specializing in trunk restoration.

Leather handles, a common problem area on old trunks, are easy to replace.

I pointed it out to Mary and we both agreed if it was still hanging out later in the day when we got back home we'd check it out.


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