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of Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man-where unrelated Boston musicians are made to review each other's records. Berlin and Hey Ice Machine have new records out, discussed below in an exchange between the two parties and in fact, Rick Berlin's CD release party for Rick Berlin and the Nickle & Dime Band's is TONIGHT at the Magic Room in Allston (see details below).

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Whereas on your Always on Insane, you sing with a definite twang—almost like a modern day Uncle Remus--yet you often veer into more straight-up pop (see “Galway Girl”).

How do you feel like Hey Ice Machine is juxtaposing the idea of the inner-Northerner and the inner-Southerner compared to you? Rick Berlin: Many of the greats (writers, bands) from the South share one thing strong & sure in common with the greats from the ‘Nawth’—alcohol. Since I know Tom [Novotny] (who I’m pretty sure sings most of Hey Ice Machine’s tunes), it’s hard for me to think of his vocals as being ‘straight.’ I inevitably hear his idiosyncratic view of life, life and the world in his clear-as-a-bell songs and voice.

It’s such an attest to Rick and his ability to take his listeners on a journey that touches on so many levels of innovation and creativity.

Its easy to for a listener to lose themselves in the lyrical creativity that weaves in and out of every song on the album, so its important to listen to this album multiple times for the primary reason that the music itself is just as spectacular.

This band is super-consistent, fierce, and ‘verb/delayed in such a cool way.

Maybe New Orleans, maybe ‘Wall of Sound.’ Inbound Sounds: Question for Jonathan.

On a few occasions Rick incorporates two distinctly different styles into one song, which is terribly difficult to do effectively, but he does it seamlessly.

I think that is one of Rick’s best qualities and what has allowed him to be successful for so many years.

Patrons tried to get on camera for their parents taping on the VCR at home, while hosts (and Boston favorites) Luke O'Neil and Hayley Thompson-King chatted with friends and guests in the ever-so-natural habitat of a fine underground bar. Now tonight (Tuesday 4/24) like a swag-bag from outer-space, these fine enterprising folks will be throwing a free show at P. Early rocking is almost an act of performance art in and of itself. "She is a Lubbock/Austin-based songwriter who was married to Jimmie Dale Gilmore for a little while." Jimmie Dale Gilmore and UFOs. So, Jonathan Donaldson is a Boston-based musician, writer, and second-generation music junkie.


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