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We have shots of them out everywhere together in the public’s eye, so how did we miss this back in the day, is beyond me…LOL.

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She has a daughter with due to her affair with Kadeem Hardison.

She got married to him secretly in 1997 and they got divorced in 2000.

There are also rumors that she is a bi-sexual and that was why she agreed to marry a man after knowing about his sexuality.

There are no evidences to provide that Moore was in a bisexual relationship.

There are a few rumors about both of them getting back together.

There are no evidences that indicate the exact reason for their separation.Thus, he did not want to discuss about his sexuality.She also said that it was his life and he gets to answer his decisions and not her.It was rumored that Kadeem was physically abusing her.Her separation from Kenny was due to his sexuality.She said that she did not want to talk about him because of their fight for the custody battle.


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