Devout christian dating atheist

I basically told him I was a non-denominational Christian who just doesn't really go to church (the same thing I tell my parents so that I can live in my house).

My plan was to eventually tell him the truth, but that seems more and more impossible the better I get to know him.

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I'm sick of having to hide a big part of me for fear of being judged and maybe if I can start here I can begin not being afraid to tell people. Not until you're in a position to protect and care for yourself, and even then, not unless you want to.

You don't owe anyone this information, and keeping it to yourself is a perfectly valid, morally acceptable choice.

These differences are best illustrated by the schematics in Figure 1.

On the left is the Darwinian evolutionary tree showing the origin of man out of monkey-like ancestors.

Indeed, the Nazi ideology underpinning the extermination of the Jews was opposed to and incompatible with Darwinism, instead being a religious and creationist doctrine.

Even such a staunch Darwinian as Richard Dawkins fails to appreciate how anti-Darwin the Nazis were, hugely underplaying the differences.

How you do this, and how truthier you get with your explanation, is up to you.

Maybe you want to tell him just enough to stop the Sunday invites (ex: "I appreciate your trying to include me, but I'm just not interested in going to church"), or maybe you want to crack open the seam on your atheism and give him a warning whiff (ex: "To be honest, I've been exploring my feelings on this subject a lot recently, and I'm not sure I still identify as a Christian.") What's important isn't offering up the details of your faith; all you have to do is let him know you won't be sharing his.

In the middle is a schematic of the “family tree” of today’s dogs.

The domestic dog, as with other domesticated and farmed species, is partially the product of Darwinian natural selection and partially the product of human artificial selection to produce desired outcomes.

Dawkins is correct to make a distinction between artificial selection — something we’ve known about since the invention of farming — and natural selection, Darwin’s idea explaining the evolution of species over geological timescales. 1: The `branching' pattern of descent produced by Darwinian natural selection and by artificial selection contrasts with Nazi racial ideology of separate creation of distinct races, and the sinfulness of "contaminating" the "God's handiwork" Aryan race by allowing inter-breeding with "lesser" races.“Hitler didn’t apply NATURAL selection to humans.

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