Validating sax parser call first

Software companies are now looking for c# professionals who can work in a generalized way rather than working on specialized skills. What is difference between Grid view, Data list, and repeater?

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Must be you are one of those chosen ones who have worked with APOLLO 13 kind of projects but then you suddenly fail to answer simple questions on OOP like “What is Abstraction ? Remember 90% developers who attend c# interviews do not go prepared and if you go prepared you will certainly stand out in the crowd. Gone are the days when you just talked about couple of . What are end point, contract, address, and bindings?

NET fundamental topics, some OOP (Object oriented programming) questions and few SQL queries and you had job in your hand. Can you explain windows, forms and passport authentication?

C# is the flag ship language for giant IT Company Microsoft.

Now because it’s a flag ship language of Microsoft, job opportunities are ample in this area. What are different phases in a software life cycle?

Not answering OOP question is calling for disqualification right away. NET framework has lot of versions and the interviewer will expect that you important features of each version. Can you explain connection, command, datareader and dataset in ADO.

Below are some questions which are asked from OOP perspective:- The second category is . In this section interviewer expects you to know things like delegates, events, garbage collector, reflection etc. NET framework, so again this is a crucial part of c# interviews. The third category of those five pillars which is important is ASP. Almost all software projects are now built as web applications and ASP.

Others Other than technical capabilities, people also question around:- Exhaustive list of c# interview question covering 16 important c# section Section 1: Top 50 technical and Non-technical questions Can you explain architecture of your current project?

What role did you play in your project and company? Why do you want to leave your previous organization?

What is the difference betweenmanaged and unmanaged code? What are generations in Garbage collector (Gen 0, 1 and 2)?

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