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Nearly two-thirds of all Americans born before 1946 (65%) say it is acceptable for whites to date blacks.In contrast, this tolerant view of interracial dating is shared by more than eight-in-ten Baby Boomers (84%) and members of Generation X (87%), who were born between 19.

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They rarely talked about the unfairness of the world with the words that I use now with my social justice friends, words like "intersectionality" and "equality", "oppression", and "discrimination". There comes a time when you can no longer blame a man. Don’t be so easily flattered by money, cars, jewelry, and all of that other stuff. Stop giving your love, time, and attention to men who clearly don’t deserve it. Our former First Lady is phenomenal to say the least!

They didn't discuss those things because they were too busy living it, navigating it, surviving it.” ― Janet Mock, “Black Girls… You’ve got to hold yourself accountable for the choices that you make. Your heart and well-being is worth much more than that. #Its All Up To You” ― Stephanie Lahart tags: african-american-women, black-girl, black-girl-magic, black-girl-power, black-girls, black-girls-are-magic, black-girls-rock, black-is-beautiful, black-queen, black-woman, black-women, ebony, empowering, empowerment, inspirational, inspiring, melanin, my-black-is-beautiful, positive, quote, quotes, stephanie-lahart “If you sincerely want to be successful in life, all you need is one person to believe in you, and that one person should be YOU. She empowers, inspires, motivates, and celebrates other women. Have self-confidence and allow YOUR light to shine.” ― Stephanie Lahart “Black Girls… She’s a lawyer, writer, and she fearlessly wears many other hats with integrity and grace.

Among younger people there is even broader acceptance of interracial dating: 94% of those born since 1977 say it is all right for blacks and whites to date.

There have also been striking changes since the late 1980s in how people of different races view black-white dating.

In 1987-88, fewer than half of whites (44%) said that interracial dating was acceptable; that number has nearly doubled (to 81%) in the current survey.

Two decades ago, about three-quarters of blacks (74%) felt interracial dating was acceptable.

Choose someone who respects, loves, and adores you. As long as you genuinely believe in yourself, you can and will be a success. What you think and how you think will be the ultimate factor of your journey’s end.” ― Stephanie Lahart tags: believe-in-yourself, black-girls, black-woman, black-women, dream-big, dreams, empowering-quotes, empowering-women, entrepreneur-quotes, entrepreneurship-quotes, goals-quotes, inspirational-quotes, inspiring-quotes, mindset, positive-quotes, stephanie-lahart, stephanie-lahart-quotes, success-quotes, successful, women-empowerment “She’s an original! But depending on how you feel about yourself, you’ll either admire and respect her or hate on her. Until you get enough of what you’re going through, no matter what advice a person gives you, you’ll continue to go through the same thing. But, here’s what I’d like to point out: If you can admire and celebrate her, why can’t you do the same for YOUR family and friends?

She doesn’t need to compete, copy, or envy other women. Why is it that when people that you personally know obtain degrees, start a successful business, buy a home, are financially secure, happily married, etc… Why can’t you genuinely be happy for them and share in their greatness?

I didn't hate the feeling - indeed, being a black woman in the academy, it wasn't new to me - but it was interesting. ” ― Gabrielle Civil, tags: african-american-women, black-brilliance, black-excellence, black-girl-magic, black-girl-quotes, black-girls-are-magic, black-girls-rock, black-mama, black-mom-magic, black-moms, black-mothers, black-women, black-women-quotes, black-women-writers, quote, quotes, stephanie-lahart, stephanie-lahart-quotes tags: black-authors, black-brilliance, black-excellence, black-girl, black-girl-magic, black-girl-quotes, black-girls-are-magic, black-girls-rock, black-woman, black-women, black-women-quotes, stephanie-lahart, stephanie-lahart-quotes tags: african-american-authors, author, author-quotes, black-brilliance, black-excellence, black-girl-magic, black-girls, black-girls-rock, black-queen, black-quotes, black-woman, black-women, confidence, empowered, fearless, intelligent, poets, quote, quotes, stephanie-lahart, stephanie-lahart-quotes “We believe in equality for all, and privileges for none.

This is a belief that each American regardless of background has equal standing in the public forum, all of us.

Age is an important factor in attitudes toward interracial dating.


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