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There are dozens of free pages, and plenty of great tools, but if you are a coloring fanatic, you can subscribe to Pigment's premium service for hundreds of illustrations, additional brushes, and new coloring books each week.

If you color in real life and are looking to recreate that experience on your i Pad, Pigment is the best app in the App Store.

It's full of great illustrations and gets updated all of the time.

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Pigment offers the most versatile coloring experience.

You can color with a variety of tools, including pencils, markers, airbrushes, water colors, oil paints, and more.

Lake has the unique feature of being a coloring book for artists, by artists.

Well, you don't actually have to be an artist, but if you are, you'll really appreciate the time and effort that each of these Instagram illustrators put into their work, work that you can make even more interesting with your own color creations.

You've probably noticed more and more coloring books for adults popping up at retail stores recently.

That's because it is a great way for grownups to take some time to relax and focus on art without having to be particularly artistic.The Fade and Broom brushes create a unique shading on your illustrations and the Fill brush lets you simply tap to add color to an object.The best part is that Pigment works beautifully with Apple Pencil to create shades and depth to each page you color.This last option allows you to color across different sections, while only coloring the objects you want.There are also a few tools that are not at all realistic, but can be loads of fun to work with.You can also publish pages to the Colorfy feed for others to comment on, or even add their own colors to.


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