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Now in a Baghdad jail, the schoolgirl faces years in jail or even execution by the Iraqi state.Her 48-year-old mother Katharina Wenzel has flown to the Iraqi capital - together with her other daughter Miriam - to visit Linda, who is now 17.Linda Wenzel, from the town of Pulsnitz in Saxony, joined the Islamist terror group at the age of 15.

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Yesterday, German public TV channel 'Das Erste' broadcast a shocking video showing the moment Linda saw her mother for the first time after more than a year of separation.

The moment of the reunion appeared uncomfortable and hesitant, however, as mother and daughter stared at each other uncertainly for over five seconds before finally embracing.

It’s nice to see something on the web about Iraq that doesn’t show just one side! I honestly had no idea that all these amazing places lied within Iraq, nor that is located in the heart of Mesopotamia. Definitely going to add this to places I’d like to travel to!

It’s such a shame that people often forget how historically significant Iraq has always been.

This said, Iraq is a natural born historical nation.

Present in the early birth of modern civilizations, places like Samarra, Ur, Hatra and famous Babylon still ring the bell when mentioned.

I’m happy to read that you had the guts to go to Iraq.

All the news about Iraq these days are negative and they local people don’t deserve this at all.

Iraq is a fascinating country located in Western Asia.

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