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While brass is currently “in”, this brass was old and dull.Once we finished our fireplace makeover a couple weeks ago, the brown dull paint didn’t look good so I decided to purchase black satin high heat enamel that I found at Home Depot.

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Our fireplace surround recently got a quick makeover with the help of black high heat enamel by Rust-oleum.

It was originally a brass color that I decided to paint brown a couple years ago.

The doors come in standard sizes that fit in any flat firebox opening.

For full step-by-step instructions, see How to Install Glass Fireplace Doors.

A mantel serves not only as an architectural anchor in a room but as a functional shelf on which to display prized possessions.

That's why so many of them still grace the parlors, dining rooms, and bedrooms of old houses even when the fireboxes have been walled over to eliminate drafts.

We are planning to install a pellet stove insert at some point so in the meantime, this solved the issue of the old brass and brown paint.

I think the black against the fresh white paint looks beautiful and clean.

Usually gas logs are used as an aesthetic solution for a fireplace to rid the homeowner of the trouble associated with burning wood.

Gas logs make it easy to enjoy the atmosphere and comfort of a fireplace with the push of a button. The many styles and finishes available for glass doors not only provide a beautiful finish to the fireplace, but also provide a useful function in the reduction of heat loss during the use of the fireplace.

Sure, it flaunts the grand shelf, the carved legs—it's the frame around the flames. It's the hearth that's always been there, an ornate buffer between the fire and the shag rug.

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