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The first South Korean school for the deaf was established on April 1, 1913, in Seoul, and it was renamed as the National School for the Deaf in 1945, to be later renamed the Seoul School for the Deaf in 1951.

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In view of a scarcity of terrestrial Quaternary pollen records relating to climate change in desert areas, we present new terrestrial sequences from hyrax middens in Namibia.

While the few previously available pollen records are mainly Holocene, we present climate time series for Marine Isotope Stages 2 and 3 (MIS 2 and MIS 3).

This behaviour is attributed to diffusion of argon to lattice defect sites and the diamond/inclusion interface region during mantle residence, with subsequent loss of the latter component on cleaving of the diamond to release the inclusion(s).

In this study, we measured Ar ages of extracted clinopyroxene inclusions from Namibian detrital diamonds, in order to determine potential kimberlite sources, craton erosion histories and palaeo-drainage evolution in southern Africa.

Außerdem haben Sie die Möglichkeit, den gewünschten Inspektionstermin bei der Werkstatt direkt über das Auto Scout24 Werkstattportal verbindlich auszuwählen.

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The NIKL, along with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, has worked to standardize KSL starting in 2000, publishing the first official KSL dictionary in 2005, as well as a common phrasebook by 2012.

A searchable, online dictionary for KSL can be found at a NIKL webpage.

The data are from two sites in central Namibia that are surrounded by desert plains and close to the Namibian escarpment, viz., the Dâures Massif (Brandberg) and 200 km further south, the Mirabib Shelter located in a small inselberg.

In the studied material, grass-rich pollen assemblages were more common at Mirabib where the vegetation is desert grassland, than at Brandberg with its mountain vegetation.

KSL, like other sign languages, incorporates non-manual markers with lexical, syntactic, discourse, and affective functions.

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