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Kevin and Amanda have two fun, lovable, adventurous little boys that keep them very busy!As a family, they strive to share the love of God through their daily lives.

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Teri later moved to Columbia where she and Ivey first met.

In 1988, they moved to the New York City Church of Christ where they were married in 1989.

Then later he and Teri were asked to serve in the ministry.

This role brought them back to South Carolina and Charleston where their family has been living since 1999.

The Lisi's have a desire to build the church and share the gospel within the Charleston area.

They have grown spiritually since becoming Christians and continue to learn to be more like Jesus.Kevin became a Christian while attending school at James Madison University in Virginia.Amanda became a Christian in Palm Beach, Florida, where Kevin and Amanda first met. They spent several years serving and leading in the teen ministry in Florida before moving to Charleston, South Carolina.From there, they moved to Charleston in May of 2015 to serve as leaders of the college ministry.Their desire is to help students develop an unshakeable faith and deep love for God and others.Ivey currently serves as an Elder for the Charleston Church of Christ.

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