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We weren't sneaky to catch anything -- they get angry because they steal customers from each other, and they don't care about others [watching] -- they just want to hit each other," Glawogger recollected. "The mothers are quite brutal, but you don't see it probably to the extent that it is happening.Also, when the first attraction is over, people get bored of you." It took Glawogger a bit of negotiating to film in these sin cities, and two years to gain permission in Thailand.Richardson, who heads the Campaign Against Sex Robots, was previously a panellist on a "Killer Robots: Ethics in the age of co-robotics" programme, broadcast on The Current Radio Show in Canada.

"It's not as if it's a Barbie." Dr Richardson also surprisingly offered the idea that there may be some form of exploitation involved in the manufacture of My Little Pony dolls.

"The better term is 'sex object'," said Dr Richardson, who emphasised that the objectification of prostitutes in the prostitute/john relationship is one that's mimicked in the relationship between sex-robots and their owners.

She explained to El Reg that it was in investigating the manufacture of sex-robots that she initially became concerned about the philosophy going into the creation of robo-whores.

"The relationship that is being imported," by the sex-bot developers is one that has come directly from that between "prostitutes and johns" according to Richardson, who finds it "very disturbing".

Questioned whether objectification was worthy of concern when actual objects were involved, rather than people who were treated like objects, Richardson turned away from the actual issue of banning robots - stating again that sex toys, and sex robots, exist because of prostitution. "80 per cent of women are prostitutes," she added, but confirmed that actually she had meant that the other way round.

The remaining 20 per cent she suggested were made up of children and transgendered men.This is the first chapter in this instalment that takes jaylynn to the hood,a gang of big dick black guys handle her like the tiny little slut that she is.Be on the lookout for more chapters cummings soon...The third part of his existential trilogy that began with culminates in the whorehouses of three metropolises -- in the fishtanks of Bangkok's red-light districts at Faridpur; the City of Joy -- a whore-ghetto in Bangladesh; and in the Camorra-run brothels and crack-joints in Reynosa's La Zona in Mexico.Besides the Coco Rosie soundtrack what makes unique, is the girls have separate spins on sin, sex and capitalism through the prisms of their separate faiths, Islam, Buddhism and Catholicism. Complete female rule," stated Glawogger who is Austrian, and shoots with an all-male crew." "Thai girls don't make such a fuss about sex, they are playful," says Glawogger speaking about their Buddhist take on life.

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