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In many ways, commercials are the toughest items to find even though they played such a prominent role on the air.

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Hundreds of reels and cassettes remain to be dubbed to digital from both the Jim Sheeler stash and my own collection.

There's lots of WCAO, WCBM, WITH, and WLPL, along with "vacation" tapes of KQV-FM (simulcast with AM) and some Florida stuff. "For many years I have collected commercials in addition to airchecks, jingles and records.

Also, Joe is working on a book featuring Baltimore top forty radio legends - the personalities who introduced the hits on WITH and WCAO in the fifties and sixties.

In addition to some great stories, there will also be lots of exhibits including pictures, music surveys and promotional items.

Contributor meticulously transferred each magical memory in this delightful montage from his giant stash of old-time commercials.

Joe even matched stylus size to each disk, but he admits that some of the older vinyl was just plain grungy.

Would you prefer a Budweiser, Hamms, Schaeffer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, or Ballantine instead?

Perhaps you'd rather share a Schlitz with Ella Fitzgerald or what sounds like The Carpenters (heard for the finale.) And if you're in the mood for a movie, there are spots for Go Johnny Go (starring Alan Freed!

Here are a few reasons to invest in paid distribution.


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  2. In the original episode, Lemonis says, "I've spent well over 0,000" on the Amazing Grapes overhaul, which presumably is on top of the 0,000 to take a controlling interest and pay off the vendors. Many episodes of "The Profit" demonstrate that when enabled with money, especially Marcus Lemonis' money, a lot of businesspeople like to splurge.

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